Café/ bazaar/Snack/ Bar/Mémé in Gérardmer

Not far away from the Col de la Shlucht, discover Mémé's place. Shop, tea room, shop in the city of Gerardmer.

Mémé's place this a other time house where you mixed childhood nostalgia and good time.

Mémé in the city of  Gerardmer

Mémé is above all a state of mind. Come inside watching the vintage collection of the 60's and 70's , buy some souvenirs of the mountain, have a drink also take a real breakfast, or have lunch or dinner (We cook every one unique menu ). Come inside you will love it.

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Useful information

Mémé is open every day 

Friday to Tuesday from 8am to 8pm
Every day during school holidays

Questions and booking

Café - Epicerie - Encas - Bazar
5, place Albert Ferry
88 400 Gérardmer
03 29 63 11 66